Listen to Music: “Welcome To My Castle” by Cassie Dasilva

Cassie Dasilva is an upcoming pop singer from Canada. Universal Music singed her recently and helped her release her first single titled “Welcome To My Castle” with a major label. The song is totally infectious and confirms that Cassie Dasilva has some special talent. Those who keep their ears open to new pop sounds, this is definitely the best new thing you’d hear in a long time. Even more good news is that you will hear many new songs from her this year. She plans to release plenty of of new singles in 2018, which means you could expect some seriously good music this year. Let’s hope that her upcoming music is at the same standard as her first serving “Welcome To My Castle”.

It sounds so surprisingly fresh when Cassie sings “Dance in the dust with me” in the chorus. It’s totally awesome. Overall, the single is infectious and shows the vulnerable side of Cassie. It’s the kind of song that you would fall in love with on the first listen.

This easy-to-love song sounds like a bliss to the ears. Not only her vocals are great, she also did a great job with the lyrics. I’m sure the girl has some amazing songwriting talent considering the way she narrated her feelings in a fairytale-style narrative. I’m loving it and I feel like we got a huge upcoming artist here in Cassie Dasilva. Give her first song a listen.

Listen to “Welcome To My Castle” by Cassie Dasilva

Post Author: David Watt