You Should See Me In A Crown - by Billie Eilish

Listen to Billie Eilish’s Single “You Should See Me In A Crown”

You Should See Me In A Crown - by Billie Eilish

Yup she is young, she is dominant, she is bold and she wants a hold, a hold of the whole world. Billie Eilish has made her intentions clear by unleashing a new and bold single “You should see me in crown”. She is still in middle of her debut album but she is so eager to make her mark, so she is performing in different music festivals. Being a singer plus writer, at age of sixteen is a special package. Hello world, pull up your socks, she’s here!

Billie Elilish it’s just your beginning and we are very excited that what are you going to give us next? She had already proven herself with “Don’t Smile At Me”  last year, and how can we forget her beautiful and lovely collaboration of “Lovely” with Khalid. She is all set to make a history possibly with her upcoming and most awaited debut studio album.  Before releasing it to the digital platforms, she gave the first play of her dark pop song to Annie Mac on her BBC Radio 1 show.

A talented teenager shows her anger in chorus of her bold song as, “You should see me in crown / I’m gonna run this nothing town / Watch me make ’em bow / One by one by one / Your silence is my favorite sound”. Very first second it sounds like she is sharpening a knife and this song will make you feel like a bad boy on a good note. After listening to this song, you will be wondering, why just a crown? Give her a whole universe. She is very keen at sixteen. Good going girl!

Billie Eilish’s Dark pop “You should see me in a crown” Listen it here!

Post Author: David Watt