Lily Allen – ‘Air Balloon’

For all its controversial lyrics and radio unfriendliness, it’s difficult to deny the catchiness of her previous single ‘Hard Out Here’. In contrast ‘Air Balloon’ starts off well with its hand-club beat and kiddy-sound but descends into a poor, poppy number with a chorus that isn’t as catchy or as great as it thinks it should be; it just feels like it’s missing something and trying too hard. {rating}

Comparisons to M.I.A’s ‘Paper Planes’ are not entirely unfounded with the beat but ‘Air Balloon’ is frankly weird with reference to Kurt Cobain and more in the video, but the bottom line is it’s just not that enjoyable. After her first album singles were so great, this feels like a let-down with poppy elements that aren’t catchy enough and rnb moments that feel forced in.

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Post Author: Philip Lickley