Lagos, an Excellent Destination in the Algarve

What an incredible town in the Algarve! Lagos offers plenty to do for the many holidaymakers. Magnificent beaches, more than convincing nightlife and the charming historic center make Lagos an unmissable destination. And for the whole family.

Lagos can also serve as a base for intrepid vacationers. Indeed, Lagos is a destination of choice for exploring the western Algarve, as the city is well served by public transport like Portimao. This therefore allows day trips. Without fear, you are always able to return to the hotel. In Lagos, the traditional Portuguese culture blends more than well with the beaches and other tourist facilities. Like these water parks, zoos, and other historical landmarks. The south of Lagos is also a place to visit closely. Here is the Cape of Ponta da Piedade. Spectacular caves, cliffs and caverns are the order of the day.

Travel Planning in Lagos, Portugal

Best for vacation in Lagos, one week. In a week, it is then possible to spend time on the beaches, but also to visit all the places of interest. Two days in Lagos are also possible. Therefore, the first day will be used to discover historical sites. The second day, you can highlight the vertigo of the cliffs. Families will also find what they are looking for, especially since Lagos is quieter at night than other tourist towns. A transport service makes it easy to reach the amusement parks. The beaches, on the other hand, have white sand and noticeably clear water.

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