Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten review

Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

Kasabian continued their gradual buzz-building for new album Velociraptor! last night with the surprise announcement of the albums first single proper, ‘Days Are Forgotten’. Following the release of ‘Switchblade Smiles’ as a free download and the unveiling of title track ‘Velociraptor’ at their recent live shows, ‘Days Are Forgotten’ is released on 12th September on limited edition vinyl.

The song itself sounds a little disjointed on first listen, starting off with  ‘Vlad The Impaler’ style verses before opening up into a stretched-out chorus which wouldn’t seem out of place soundtracking the next James Bond film. It proves to be a bit of a grower though, as more listens reveal those textures and nuances that make Kasabian so exciting and unpredictable.

‘Days Are Forgotten’ may not be the best Kasabian song, but it does serve its purpose of keeping everyone excited about the release of Velociraptor!

Head over to the Kasabian website to preorder your copy of the limited edition vinyl of ‘Days Are Forgotten’ – and be quick, the first 1,000 copies will be signed by the band. The vinyl single also features non-album track ‘Pistols At Dawn’ (which is a pretty cool name for a B-side!)

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