JoJo Releasing Three New Singles – Comeback of the Year!

JoJo has been missing for a while but she isn’t lost forever. Chances are good that you remember her, thanks to her powerful vocals that made her an instant hit years back. Now she is back and she has a unique way of making up for all the lost time while she’s been away from music, fans, and limelight. She is planning to release three single together as if she is in a hurry to deliver her music to fans.

JoJo has performed “When Love Hurts” on radio recently – one of the songs that she will be releasing as her ‘tringle’ singles release. She has also teased her fans with some snippets on Instagram. Everything that she has made available so far sounds amazing, probably as good as we expected from JoJo back in the days when she was a kid with immense talent.

The 24-year old diva is still to announce her strategy for promoting these three singles. Maybe she will take up one at a time and promote before sending the next one to the radio or probably she is going to do this a new way by sending all three singles to the radio simultaneously. Whatever she plans doing with the marketing side of things, one thing is obvious from the snippets that we’ve heard so far – JoJo is about to make a historic comeback. Her vocals sound so powerful and promising that you are instantly going to fall in love.

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz