Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional About Receiving Micheal Jackson Video Vanguard Award at VMAs – Watch it Here!

Jennifer Lopez is all set to receive prestigious Michael Jackson video vanguard award on 20th of August at MTV Music Video Awards. Lopez revealed the news in Sway Calloway and even MTV announced it. She is also having a Facebook Live Interview on MTV’s official page.
The award is given to music directors or performers with valuable accomplishments in film and music. Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West, David Bowie, and Britney Spears are the previous recipients with renowned acts. Rumors said that Missy Elliot is was going to get it this year but MTV killed it by announcing El Anillo’s girl name. You may bewondering why she is capable of this award?

She has the following achievements:
• Sold 80 million records worldwide
• 40 million of Albums
• 16 Top Songs
• 10 Hit Songs
• And 3 N0.1 Albums

She is the very first lady to have both film and album in the same week, with the beautiful romantic comedy “The Wedding Planner” and J. LO. That makes sense, Jennifer Lopez received two VMA’s nominations this year for “Dinero” music video, which is not good enough. Why MTV did it? Don’t worry they have selected her for Vanguard Award, and that’s heaps.

Jennifer is all set to deliver a show-stopping performance with her hits medley at 2018 VMAs.

Post Author: David Watt