Four Tet 0181 album artwork

Listen: Four Tet releases new compilation album ‘0181’ as free download

No wonder HMV is on its arse. Back in the day, if an artist of the calibre and fame of producer Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) got the bright idea to put together a compilation album of rarities, he would have to go through his label, sort out the production and distribution of the CDs/vinyls, get it into the shops and make sure they got a cut of the sales. In other words, it was a big ballache that stifled off-the-cuff creativity.

Nowadays, all he has to do is bang the whole thing on Soundcloud and get one of his artist mates to design some cool looking artwork for it (in this case the above artwork was designed by Jason Evans) – et voila, we have 0181, a 20 track compilation album/mixtape featuring Four Tet productions spanning 1997 – 2001:

As well as being available to stream/download, Four Tet is planning to release 0181 on vinyl at some point this year. Not that HMV will be around to see that, mind….

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