Becky G : Music Video “Cuando Te Besé (When I Kissed You)” Late Night Scene Is Awesome (MV + Review)


Backy G is back to business as she dropped a new music video of “Cuando Te Bese” with her very hot and young voice. She found a lot of success collaborating with Natti Natasha on “Sin Pijama” early this year. The previous month the 21-years old Latino dropped an English party anthem “Zooted” which is also a hit from her. But she is not stopping here and she is pushing her limits with the new release of “Cuando Te Bese” along with an Argentinian rapper Paulo Londra. She is back to Spanish, her comfort zone, good decision! Also visit Single Review: “Sin Pijama” by Becky G [Review + Music Video]

This video is directed by Paloma Valencia, in this video, you will see her giving sizzling looks at a party in a warehouse. The environment is very catchy with shiny neon lights and vintage cars. She takes over all the party with her arrival at the party. It looks simple but some of the shots are extraordinary and Becky is an essence of each shot. It ends when the police come and everyone running and scattering in different directions.

She has sure plan to release both the English and Spanish album in near future, she revealed in an interview with Galore last month. She opened up that what she is expecting from her English project. “There is the English side of me, that is working on music that is just as urban, but a little bit more R&B inspired”. So Becky’s fans, we are happy to tell that you will be hearing plenty from the 21-years old Latin princess in coming months.

Becky G Dropped New Music Video “Cuando Te Besé – Watch It Here!


Post Author: David Watt