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Arcade Fire Album track ‘Awful Sound (Oh Erydice)’ – video

We’re getting ever closer to the 29 October release date of Reflektor, and just to make sure we don’t forget it Arcade Fire have dribbled out another enticing tidbit to keep us all talking.

Last night they released the below trailer on Twitter which previews new album track ‘Awful Sound (Oh Erydice)’:

So far we’ve heard the albums ambitious title track and new tracks during their ‘Here Comes The Night Time’ show on US TV.

Reflektor is available to preorder now: Reflektor

Reflektor tracklist:
Disc 1
01. Reflektor
02. We Exist
03. Flashbulb Eyes
04. Here Comes the Night Time
05. Normal Person
06. You Already Know
07. Joan of Arc

Disc 2
01. Here Comes the Night Time II
02. Awful Sound (Oh Erydice)
03. It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
04. Porno
05. Afterlife
06. Supersymmetry

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