Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor releases EP – ‘Nayim From The Halfway Line’

Either Hot Chip front-man Alexis Taylor is an ardent Spurs fan, or he has just released the most randomly-named EP of the year!

Taylor surprisingly released ‘Nayim From The Halfway Line’ (a reference to footballer Nayim’s comical goal against Arsenal ages ago) today on vinyl, and released this teaser trailer to go with it:

The EP is described as ‘groove heavy’ and ‘a real Terry Riley disco for the most discerning of listeners’ – whatever that means…

It’s available to buy as a 12 inch here, and will be released digitally on 17 December.

‘Nayim From The Halfwaay Line EP’ tracklist

‘Rhodes Dream’
‘You Want Me’
‘Hot Squash’
‘Jesus’ Birthday’

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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