Album Review: ‘The Life Of Pablo’ by Kanye West

“The Life Of Pablo” took nearly two years to make it to the fans but we never missed Kanye during this time as he was always there, doing something that would help him buildup to the album release. He has proved it for once and all that build-up to release of an album is as much of an art as much is the album itself. He kept teasing his fans with collaborations, ideas that were raw and somewhat half-formed, and he even tried and gave up on a few concepts. He changed album names, messed up fashion shows and delivered mesmerizing live performances. All this buzz has kept his fans on the toes while being off balance.

“The Life Of Pablo” is definitely the best we got from Mr. West so far in his career. Despite improvised instability, the album is actually a transitional record that proves that Kanye didn’t had a clear idea for what this album would become.

The album includes show-stopper tracks such as “Ultralight Beam” and darker and self-hating tracks such as “Father Stretch My Hands”. It also shows us the other side of Kanye where he puts all the blame on women for trapping rich men with their sexuality. The album also gives us well-thought tracks such as “New Slaves” where Kanye shows us his sensitive side for the society. If you are looking for the soul of the album and the philosophy that Kanye West has developed throughout this album, you will have to listen to emo-rap track “FML”. This low-tempo track, featuring The Weeknd, is emotional and expresses his anguish over the lack of self-control.

The album is a work of a genuine artist so expect to go a lot of directions. Everyone who wants to see how Kanye grew up as an artist during the past decade, this is the album to purchase.

Post Author: David Watt