Zayn and Nicki Minaj are working on a collaboration

It’s major news. It’s something that fans have been waiting for a long. A collaboratoin between Zayn Malik and Nicki Minaj is on the way as some fans have already witnessed it.

It was this Friday when Zayn Malik was hosting an event in London that he decided to play a snippet of the collaboration. Zayn was completely loving his fans as they enjoyed every moment of the event. It was a nice way to say sorry by Zayn who didn’t complete many of his promises to give his fans live performance in 2016. For all those major events that Zayn didn’t make it, he used this private fan party to give something back to his fans.

Zayn sang “Still Got Time” and everyone in the hall jammed with him, as if they were anxiously waiting for new music from the new pop sensation. To be honest, this could be a highly encouraging event for Zayn who’d know that his fans are enjoying his new music and that he is going on the right track as far as his new album is concerned.

When this Zayn and Nicki collaboration comes out, it will be the first collaboration between the two. Learning from the fans’ response, I’m sure Zayn has made the right move. Although it won’t be a pop single as Nicki will rap, it will definitely open up new doors for Zayn.

Post Author: David Watt