Watch Zayn Malik’s Music Video Teaser

Zayn Malik is releasing new music again. He announced this massive news on social media over the weekend. Along with this announcement, the British (with roots in Pakistan) singer also gave us a short teaser of his upcoming music video. You know that means, right? We are not only going to get to listen to new music but the song will get the video treatment right away. Now that’s great. It means Zayn is very serious about this new song. We could have something amazing coming out soon.

The 25-year old singer was very careful only to give his fans a short teaser of the new video and nothing more. The teaser is really short and you can’t understand a lot about the video. There aren’t any spoilers. But we know one thing for sure that this new video will have a pleasing cinematic feel about it. The short teaser tells us that in a moment. It’s definitely going to be a sequel to Dusk Till Dawn as the previous video had the caption that the story will continue. So if it’s not a sequel of “Dusk Till Dawn” visual, then Zayn could be planning more than one song and video release. There simply has to be a video to continue the story from “Dusk Till Dawn”.

When is this video coming out? It’s probably due for next Friday release, the time of the week when new countdown tracks hit the Internet these days. Could it be anything other than the music video for his new track? No, it’s definitly his new music video for the new single that will come out this Friday. Watch the teaser video below.

Watch Zayn Malik Teasing Fans With his New Music Video

Post Author: Harvey Dyer