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Watch the sultry Sevyn Streeter in the new music video of “D4L”

Sevyn Streeter didn’t give much time to release the music video soon after releasing the official audio of “D4L”; the follow-up single from her forthcoming album “Girls Disrupted.”

You will see a different side of Sevyn Streeter in her music video of “D4L”.

The sultry visual sees Sevyn Streeter transforming herself from a “housewife” to a “mistress” according to the will of the guy she’s attracted towards.

The music video is about a girl showing her different sides to the guy who she really wants in her life. She’s even willing to do the role play for him to be something completely different.

What’s with the idea of waving the whips around your body? That’s totally insane. Also, walking a hallway with chains hanging on the sides didn’t look well.

I think it’s a worst attempt to sell a video with the sultry moves. She could have done much better.

Overall, the video is hot and sexy but it was an immature video coming from such a mature artist. I hope she comes up with something good next time.

Her fans must be so disappointed.

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Watch: “D4L” by Sevyn Streeter

Post Author: David Watt