Watch the music video for Kelly Rowland’s “Dumb”

Kelly Rowland released a music video for her sassy urban jam “Dumb” on October 13th, 2016. She released the track exactly a year ago on the same date (Oct 13).

What took her so long to release the music video? No doubt, the video is good but shouldn’t be taking her a year.

Music video directed by Frank Gatson Jr shows R&B songstress Kelly Rowland and dancer Trevor Jackson performing a non-stop choreography in matching black and white dresses wearing a black hat. The whole video is about them dancing on the stage of an empty theater.

Yes, you will see some amazing dance moves. The choreographers Kanye Diabate, Marie Poppins, Anthony Thomas, AJ, Kenya, and Q Anthony Trevor successfully presented a wow dance video! Can’t ignore how brilliant dancer Trevor Jackson is! So simple and yet so amazing!

Why wasn’t the video premiered through Ms. Rowland’s official YouTube? Why we see the uploader’s name as “Frank Gatson Jr. Official”? Perhaps Frank wanted to do a random video for Ms. Rowland and add it to his direction portfolio.

Kelly is still so hot and she proved it in this music video of hers. I hope Rihanna and Kelly do a collaboration some day! Just imagine how awesome it would be!

Watch: Music video of Kelly Rowland’s “Dumb”

Post Author: David Watt