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Watch Selena Gomez Promoting “We Day Canada”

Selena Gomez, among many other celebrities, is celebrating Canada’s “WE Day”. She loves Canada and that’s what she’s trying to tell you in this promotional video.

The celebrations for WE DAY CANADA will take place in Ottawa on July 2. Selena, asking everyone to get these on the event, appeared in the promotional video. It seems like the perfect time for Selena to show her love for Canada as the country will also be celebrating its 150th birthday on the same day.

If you have guessed it already, you are smart. These promotional could be a great opportunity for Selena to promote her new music. That’s why she’ll be releasing her next single “Fetish” soon, while she’s still in Canada for the event.

‘WE’ hasn’t only arranged for Selena to become a part of the celebrations, but the movement has also enrolled many other celebrities. It brings people together and helps them change the world. The movement provides the platform and the tools that help achieve these goals.

In this video, you can watch it below, you will see Selena praising weather and people of Canada. The celebrities had to quickly say the first thing that came to their mind when they heard the word Canada. Watch the video below.

Watch Selena Gomez In “We Day Canada” Promotional Video

Post Author: David Watt