Watch Official Music Video: “Sour Diesel” by Zayn

When everyone thought that Zayn has probably decided to take on a laidback approach with ‘Stand Still‘ video, he turned out shirtless in an orgy in his next music video.

The music video for “Sour Diesel” premiered two days ago on YouTube and ever since it has gathered plenty of hype on the social media. But most of the fans were rather talking about why Zayn is releasing videos like this when Icarus Falls era is over. It’s because Zayn shot a few videos that he didn’t get a chance to release. Now RCA has thought of using this time to help Zayn get these videos out and get some views. Maybe they’re just trying out or experimenting with these videos. No sure but anyway Zayn is in the video this time even if we don’t love the video as such.

We are not sure how many videos Zayn has shot for this intermediary period before his next big thing comes out. Nevertheless, we don’t mind them as long as they’ve Zayn in the video. Watch this new music video below.

Watch “Sour Diesel” by Zayn

Post Author: David Watt