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Watch Music Video: “What I Need” by Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani

Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani have premiered the official music video for their latest collaboration titled “What I Need”. The song will be included in Hayley’s Expectation LP, which is already one of the best albums of the year.

The single “What I Need” sounds great. Hayley, knowing that well, has put effort into giving it the perfect visual. It turned out to be ‘hot’ and ‘heavy’ music video that you’d love to watch over and again.

This Hayley-directed music video is shot in Ojai, California. You will see the R&B singer trying to make it up to her aunt. It seems difficult and the singer struggles to become a good girl. That’s when she decides to run away with her best friend. As they elope, their friendship turns into a love story. They fall into love and enter into a relationship.

The runaway lovers will undergo many odds as they decide to take the journey. They will first ride in a yellow cab. Unfortunately, they will have to ditch the cab and hitchhike to their destination. They also meet a strange truck driver on the way. As the time passes, they fall in love and eventually make out on the roadside. It’s beautiful and scenic as the scorching sun reflects on them and helps us absorb the heat of the moment.

While talking about the music video, Kehlani told the fans that it is her best music video ever. She also said a lot of words of praise about Hayley and called her a genuine and incredible actress. Not only that, but Kehlani also praised Hayley’s skills as a director. I’m sure Kehlani is right about Hayley and we will see this video going viral soon. Give it a watch below and I’m sure you will be one of the people who make it popular by sharing it with your friends.

Watch Music Video “What I Need” by¬†Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani

Post Author: David Watt