Watch Music Video “Class Fight” By Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez has released a stand-alone video for “Class Fight” from K12. Earlier, her movie musical K-12 was available for free streaming and racked up nearly 30 million views. But since it’s not free for streaming now, Melanie decided to give her fans something else. And we totally love what has planned – independent videos for all the tracks from the movie. It’s a great idea and the first execution is brilliant.

The track “Class Fight” is about girls taking the bait for others and fighting with their own kind. They don’t see the bigger perspective and don’t understand each other’s perspective either. It’s a difficult situation and especially how the singer describes it “Her face was fucked up and my hands were bloody.” She then goes on to explain how their teacher broke them before they had injured each other.

The music video follows the lyrics and recreates the scene you hear in the song. It’s a beautifully done visual that will surely make you fall in love with it the first time you watch it. You can watch the music video below.

Watch “Class Fight” Music Video By Melanie Martinez

Post Author: David Watt