Listen to Single “Piggyback” by Melanie Martinez [Stream + Review]

Melanie Martinez has decided to address rape allegations. And what better than releasing a song about it!

The new single is titled “Piggyback” and it’s Melanie Martinez’s reply to the allegations. The song came out on SoundCloud, which indicates that Melanie wants everyone to listen to it without having to buy it. That makes it her official reply to the allegations.

In the song, she denies the allegations. She also released a couple of statements where she denied the incident and then gave more details in the song. The allegations were made by Timothy Heller. In the song, she gives us the full story, starting from her early days as an artist. She talks about how she trusted just too many fake people. She admits that she was young back then and that she was wrong in giving them the benefit of doubt. That, to her, is the mistake she made. She gives us these details while singing over a simple yet catchy electronic arrangement.

She opens the song by showing her frustration with the world and the way it has treated her after the allegations. She tells her fans and rest of the world that she is so ‘done’ with playing ‘piggy back’. She continues and tells her how the person is lying and the allegations are baseless. She sings “I worked hard for my shit” and explains how she has always loved what she does. She then explains the motivation of Timothy, saying that he wanted to kill her name for ‘some fame’. “What is this?” she finally asks. It’s a good song that I want you all to listen. The stream is below.

Listen to “Piggyback” by Melanie Martinez explaining the rape allegations

Post Author: David Watt