Watch Coldplay Video “Amazing Day”

Coldplay has premiered a music video for the song “Amazing Day”. This song is taken from Coldplay’s recent album “A Head Full of Dreams”. I’m sure fans will be happy to watch this new video.

Now this new video “Amazing Day” isn’t a regular music video. It’s actually a fan video where you will see videos sent by Coldplay fans. The band asked their fans to send videos a month ago. They responded and sent a lot of videos so that the band could make a video from these fan videos. The band made a visual collage from these videos and uploaded it as a music video for “Amazing Day”. Although it took a few months, it was worth it. You will know that as you watch the video for “Amazing Day”.

The music video is a virtual tour comprising of beautiful sunsets and lots of other scenes. You will see people full  of life as they fight for their rights. You will see tribal dances and adventure sports. There is something for everyone in this video. Watch it below and be sure to leave a comment for this fan video.

Watch “Amazing Day” Music Video by Coldplay

Post Author: David Watt