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Watch Music Video “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” by Pink

Pink has debuted the official music video for her latest single “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. It’s a special song and music video for Pink and her fans as they will see Willow (Pink’s daughter) in the music video. It’s a brilliant video that you will instantly fall in love with. I’m not sure but I think it’s the first video Pink has done as a UNICEF ambassador.

She performed this song at the Grammys on Sunday. When I saw the performance, I kind of knew at that moment that Pink will definitely give us a music video for the song pretty soon. But it was still a beautiful surprise from the singer and UN ambassador as she introduced us to her beautiful daughter. The special thing about this girl: Pink is growing her up as a gender-free person. She’s a person and not a he or she.

This new Pink single is out for UNICEF support. It’s a part of “Beautiful Trauma” album.

While talking about this new single and the music video, Pink told the press that she was proud of UNICEF and her work with them. She totally supports an organization that ‘supports and empowers women and children around the world’. That’s what you see in the music video. How girls can totally stand up for themselves in this world. How they could become beautiful together and make this world an amazing place for everyone. That’s the spirit of this music video and Pink’s new song. I’m sure everyone will approve this effort from Pink and Willow. It’s really supportive for all the women in the world who need a lot of courage and support. Give the new song a listen and watch it’s official music video featuring Pink’s daughter below.

Watch “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” by Pink


Post Author: Harvey Dyer