Watch Halsey and G-Eazy Perform “Him & I” on Saturday Night Live

Halsey was at SNL to perform her latest hit “Him & I” with her boyfriend G-Eazy on January 13th. It was her first-ever performance and we all absolutely loved it. Halsey also performed “Bad at Love” from “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” album.

Now it was all good but did Halsey really needed to perform “Him & I” and invite G-Eazy to a stage that was her for the night? I wonder why didn’t she perform another track from her own album instead of bringing out her boyfriend on the show? Musically, it wasn’t an intelligent move promoting someone else’s single when it was her time to make the world listen to songs from her own album.

Anyway, it was a good solid performance from the “Bad at Love” singer.  It’s worth watching if you missed it on Saturday night. But if you watched it live on the TV, then you might want to see this performance again. Below, you can watch the recording.

Watch Halsey Perform “Bad at Love” and “Him & I” on SNL


Post Author: David Watt