Watch “God’s Plan” Music Video by Drake

Drake has given us the official music video for “God’s Plan” and it’s just awesome. It’s so heartwarming that you can only LOVE it. What is it about? Well, it’s the ‘God’s Plan’ that Drake reveals onto us through this MV. Here is how this Director X-directed video explains God’s plan.

In the opening of the video, you are told that the budget for the visual was $996,631.90. You don’t usually see that kind of opening to a music video. Don’t be surprised yet because what you see next is even more unusual. You see Drake spending all that money on charity instead of spending it on the video. He shoots his acts of generosity and turns them into the visual for this video. You see the rapper giving money away to people in so many different ways such as paying for their groceries and giving money to students so that they could pay their tuition. You will also see him donating some of the money to Miami Fire Department. Finally, he will gift a big financial grant to a Women’s Shelter. There are even more acts of generosity that you will see in the music video.

So that was God’s plan? Drake sanctioning a huge budget music video from his label and then spending that money on charity? Even his label didn’t know about it as they really wanted him to shoot an expensive extravaganza that would rake millions of views. Nevertheless, they should be happy with what Drake has done as this generous visual has already gathered plenty of views on YouTube. Check out the official music video for “God’s Plan” below.

Watch Music Video: “God’s Plan” by Drake

Post Author: David Watt