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Watch Celine Dion: Live Performance of “Ashes” (Deadpool 2 Soundtrack)

Celine Dion has another hit soundtrack to her credit. This time, it’s not a romantic film as you’d expect but a superhero movie where the focus is on comic relief rather than the romantic relief. You wonder, how could a Celine Dion track fit such a recipe? It definitely did feel perfect for the movie as I loved the score when I saw the movie in the theater. The music video for the track that we posted earlier adds a lot of exuberance to the overall feel of this track. It’s a gem and Celine Dion isn’t holding back to promote it. She has given us the first live performance of “Ashes” at her Las Vegas Residency and I’m sure everyone there fell in love with the track. The performance was definitely as perfect as you could expect from Celine.

The track “Ashes” is already on its way to become one of the biggest hits from Celine Dion. At least, it would be biggest hit of the decade for her. The track is slowly but gradually finding its right place in the charts with it’s current position at number 9 (worldwide) and 21 (USA) on iTunes. I’m sure with this performance, the track will enjoy the push it needs to climb up on the charts. The success of the movie will also help during the coming weeks. I’m sure this soaring ballad will enter Billboard Hot 100 and become Celine’s first entry since 2008.

The performance at Las Vegas Residency was perfect. The Canadian singer delivered every verse with perfection, leaving no room for improvement. She is always that good when she is in good local form. She was also expressive during her performance as you have seen her over the years. Watch her performance below.

Watch Celine Dion Perform “Ashes” (Deadpool 2) LIVE for the First Time

Post Author: David Watt