Ed the Sofa Bear Virgin Media

Virgin Media shows dedication to music and entertainment with new ads

Virgin Media has released a series of great videos featuring the famous Ed the Sofa Bear demonstrating their dedication to the music and entertainment channels. For Ed – just like us, music isn’t something he just listens to, it is a passion. Virgin Media has captured the passion for music we all have through their depiction of both Ed and Ally the Night Owl.

Virgin Media have teamed up with Spotify in order to deliver the very best selection of music channels for us all to enjoy and party along to. With the addition of Spotify on your TV you can listen to over 15 million different music tracks from your very own sofa! Whether you are like Ed the Sofa Bear who loves to lounge around on the sofa enjoying the latest tunes or you prefer to get up and dance – you can find the right song for your mood from the 18 music channels Virgin provides in its packages.

Whether you like a bit of MTV Rocks or prefer the likes of Smash Hits – you can get your music fix here!

Music and entertainment bundles

Virgin Media offer a range of music and entertainment bundles depending on your preference, they range from: M, M+, L and XL. Each level contains more and more channels – the one you pick will depend on what you like to spend your time watching and listening to.

If like Ed the Sofa Bear you like nature and zombie programmes you are lucky enough to find these channels in all available bundles.

Better than all of this though is the ability to have your very own non-stop jukebox! This gives you ultimate control over your playlist and allows you to have music on demand – all day, every day. Needless to say, we can all understand just how Ed can sit in front of his Virgin Media TV all day – In just a touch of a button you can listen and watch just about anything you could want to, if you ask us, Ed has the right idea.

With Virgin Media and Ed the Sofa Bear demonstrating their clear dedication to both music and entertainment – it makes us wonder what could be next!

Post Author: Harvey Dyer