Video Review: “Sugar” by Maroon 5

“Sugar” is the new love pop song from Maroon 5’s recently released album “V”. The track has already gone on air a few days back but Maroon 5 has released its video on January 14, exactly a month before Valentine’s Day on February 14. Although the video is out it will only performed on TV during Valentine’s Day. It’s quite obvious that Maroon 5 had Valentine’s Day in mind when making video for this love ballad. The video is directed by David Dobkin.

Maroon 5 is performing on weddings in this video as they set a white backdrop and reveal themselves midway the performance. The reactions are nothing less than awesome. Some were just amazed at what they saw others were shocked and remained in disbelief for minutes after they realized it was Maroon 5 crushing the marriage. The overwhelming reactions make this video worth watching. Levine believes that shooting the video was an ‘out of body experience’. Sure this video will turn out to be a new chapter in Maroon 5’s work, which has been criticized for its gross-nature especially after video for ‘Animals’ was released last year.

“Sugar” is third single from Maroon 5’s fifth album titled “V” following “Animals” and “Maps”. The album was released in 2014.

Watch “Sugar” by Maroon 5

Post Author: David Watt