Video Review: “Spark The Fire” by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has just released a brand new video for her single track “Spark The Fire”. If you haven’t watched some good music videos this year, here is one that will stay in your library for years to come. Gwen Stefani has given us one of the best videos of this year without a doubt.

“Spark The Fire” is included in Stefani’s 3rd studio album. The album will be released this month after being delayed for few months now. The video was premiered last night and the track has also become available for download with the video last night. The track was aired on The Live last night, which was its first TV preview.

The video for “Spark The Fire” is produced by Grant Jue and Joseph Uliano. In the video, Gwen Stefani is enjoying her time in a party as she flies high on clouds on top of a city. The city is quite cartoonish which makes it more of a fantasy-based party. Pharrell also appears in the video with his ‘mystery’ cameos here and there which provide the necessary variety for the visuals. You will also see a Fiat car in the video. The car manufacturer has invested in the video and bought the rights to use the track as song for their latest commercial.

Watch “Spark The Fire” by Gwen Stefani

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz