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Video Review: “I Still Love You” by Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has released a music video titled “I Still Love You”. The music video was previewed on today. The track “I Still Love You” is a new single from album “JHUD”. The track is produced by Gorgon City. This heart-warming track is a laidback disco number that has all the ingredients of becoming a decent hit due to powerful music video.

Jennifer Hudson has made the right decision by selecting “I Still Love you” from her new album. This is the only song apart from the lead single on the album worth listening. Nevertheless, Jennifer Hudson has made a statement with her music video that even a mediocre track with no potential to be the chart topper can have changed fortune when coupled with a powerful music video.

The music video for “I Still Love You” opens with a scene where a father gets a call from his son, asking his father if he has read the invitation to his marriage. He tells his father that he wants him to come to the wedding because it will make him feel great. The call is recorded on the answer machine as no one picks up the phone. As the son is about to end the call, he goes on and tells his father ‘despite everything, I still love you’. When the father listens this last sentence that his son had to say to him, he feels an emotional push and eventually decides to go to the wedding. Rest of the video is all about the wedding ceremony where this person eventually arrives and makes it a big day for his son. Jennifer Hudson is on the party scene to entertain the audience.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz