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V Festival weather forecast – showers and some sunny intervals expected across both sites

The latest weather forecast for V Festival’s two sites – Chelmsford and Staffordshire – predicts that there will be a lot of rain and gloomy clouds about, but festival-goers should also get a bit of sunshine mixed in as well. So if you’re heading to one of the V Festival sites this weekend, be sure to pack for every eventuality!

Here’s the breakdown:

V Festival – Hylands Park, Chelmsford weather forecast

Friday 16 August: Not good. Heavy rain is predicted all morning, but the grey overcast conditions of the afternoon are expected to brighten up for a pleasant enough evening – which will hopefully cheer you up after you’ve had to put your tent up in the rain!

Saturday 17 August: Grey, wet and depressing. Should be dry in the morning but is expected to rain from about 4pm onwards. It will be pretty windy as well at times. Never mind though, at least Beyonce will be on!

Sunday 18 August: Sunshine! There’ll be a bit of pesky cloud about throughout Sunday, but there should be a decent amount of sunshine to enjoy.

Here’s the link to the Met Office’s dedicated Hylands Park page for you to keep up to date with the forecast: Met Office V Festival Hylands Park forecast

V Festival – Weston Park, Staffordshire weather forecast

Friday 16 August: A pretty decent day to kick off the festival. Heavy rain is expected through Thursday night / Friday morning, but should have cleared up by about 7-8am. The rest of the day will then be a bit overcast but with some sunny intervals.

Saturday 17 August: This is predicted to be the worst day of the weekend weather-wise, with overcast conditions in the morning and then rain all afternoon and evening – which could last for most of the night. Watch out for the wind as well, which could make it feel a bit chilly.

Sunday 18 August: Don’t let Saturday get you down too much, as Sunday is shaping up to be a pretty decent day – with lots of sunshine breaking through the overcast conditions.

Here’s the link to the Met Office’s dedicated Weston Park page for you to keep up to date with the forecast: Met Office V Festival Weston Park forecast


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