Madonna: her World Tour

Madonna has given us the huge news by announcing her Madame X world tour. The tour will see Madonna perform in venues inside the US as well as outside the country. The tour will kick off on 12 September. The first performance is scheduled at Gilman Opera in NYC.

Madonna will give us various nights in NYC and then tour various other cities of the US. Below is the tour schedule.

Madame X Tour Dates (the U.S only)

Madonna has announced tour dates for the US only. For international dates, you’ll have to wait until the next press release.


  • 12th: Gilman Opera House, NYC
  • 14th: Gilman Opera House, NYC
  • 15th: Gilman Opera House, NYC
  • 17th: Gilman Opera House, NYC
  • 19th: Gilman Opera House, NYC
  • 21st: Gilman Opera House, NYC
  • 22nd: Gilman Opera House, NYC


  • 15th: Chicago Theatre, Chicago
  • 16th: Chicago Theatre, Chicago
  • 17th: Chicago Theatre, Chicago
  • 21st: Chicago Theatre, Chicago


  • 12th: The Wiltern, LA
  • 13th: The Wiltern, LA
  • 14th: The Wiltern, LA
  • 16th: The Wiltern, LA
  • 17th: The Wiltern, LA

Post Author: David Watt