Single: “Unforgettable” by Sia

Sia has debuted a new song on Ellen last week. The song is titled “Unforgettable” and it’s title track for the upcoming animated movie “Finding Dory”. The singer delivered a live performance of the theme song on the show. The song is a cover. The original was written and performed by Irving Gordon.

Sia keeps her traditional blonde-wig look for the song. Apart from the wig, she has a big black dress that looks perfect with her wig. She has delivered a mesmerizing performance of the song. The vocals were so good that you’re going to feel the emotions the moment the song opens. To be honest, everything about it – the dress, the performance, the singing – was perfect. We couldn’t have asked more from Sia.

Even if you were not going to watch “Finding Dory” in the theaters, I’m sure you have good enough reason now. The title song is so good that we bet the movie will have something for us. You could hear the song in the credits and maybe during the climax scenes. It would make a perfect climax with Sia’s vocals soaring int he background. Listen to the song below to know what I’m talking about.

Listen to “Unforgettable” by Sia

Post Author: David Watt