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The Weekend Live on SNL November 2016

The Weeknd recently released his new lead single and album title track “Starboy” this last week and now he’s found performing live on “Saturday Night Live (SNL)” on October 1st, 2016.

It’s probably his first TV performance after he chopped off his dreadlocks and he showed the murder of his old self in his recent video “Starboy.”

The Weeknd performed two songs from his forthcoming album that are “Starboy” and “False Alarm.” He looked really confident on the stage and sang quite diligently.

What best you could get other then have the Weeknd perform for you on the weekend?

He also released the video version of his performance on his official YouTube a day later. And so far, he got over 2 million views for “Starboy” performance and over a million views for “False Alarm” performance.

Looking at his flawless performance, we can’t possibly differentiate whether he’s better in studio recording or live singing.

Because of his voice, people call him the Michael Jackson of the new era. And he has proved with his live performance that no matter he’s not as popular or recognized as MJ but he has all the abilities of a great pop singer.

You can watch both performances below:

Watch: “Starboy” Live Performance on SNL

Watch: “False Alarm” Live Performance on SNL

Post Author: David Watt