The Romantic music video of “Closer” By the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers band have released the music video for their mega hit track “Closer” today on October 24, 2016. Just to let you know that the track topped the Billboard Hot 100 and it’s a part of their upcoming Extended Play “Collage.”

Music video directed by Dano Cerny shows us the on-screen love story between Andrew Taggart and the beautiful Halsey. You will see them making out in different parts of the house especially bed.

You’ll see the handsome Andrew reaching for Halsey who’s already waiting for him on a bed wearing nothing else than lingerie. You will see a lot of sensational moments; the kissing and the touching.

In other scenes, you will see gorgeous and beautiful Halsey and Andrew in a hotel bar laying eyes on each other in a lustful way. Maybe, they went through the bad moments in their relationship. Everyone does!

But, they really want to make up again and it’s evident from the way they’re laying eyes on each other; telling each other that it’s not over yet. The bad moments were only a chapter of their on-screen love story.

Almost at end of the video, you will see Halsey going out of the hotel bar and Andrew irresistibly follows her. Did they reconcile? Watch the video and find out!

Watch: Official Music Video of “Closer” By the Chainsmokers

Post Author: David Watt