New Music Video: “Stay” by Mac Miller

If you liked the first video that Mac Miller released three months earlier, then your wait is over. His second music video is “Stay” – a song taken from “The Divine Feminine”. Mac Miller dropped this video on YouTube earlier today.

The music video is a reminder for everyone who hasn’t yet picked up the fourth album from Mac Miller to get the album now. It’s a great album with some real good music and on top of that, you are going to get some wonderful collaborations thanks to Mac’s then-girlfriend Ariana Grande and friend Kendrick Lamar. The album is worth buying a copy.

The music video is about hitting the beach. But not during the summer time. Mac Miller loves it in the winter and that’s what you get to see in the video for “Stay”. The video is shot really well. The drone camera work is near perfection. With some great music, awesome dance moves, and Mac Miller topless in this winter, “Stay” is definitely the best music video we’ve seen from this guy.

You will see Mac Miller in his gym pants in this chilly music video. He is going to be doing some dance moves on a beach for you guys so get out of your comforter and check out this guy in the video below.

Watch Music Video “Stay” by Mac Miller

I’m sure you loved the video. The scenes are just gorgeous and the cinematography seems to be at it’s highest as well. For more videos like this, keep coming back!

Post Author: David Watt