Single Review: “Dumb” by Kelly Rowland

It was end of August when we last heard Kelly Rowland. I know most of you don’t even remember that because it was one of the creepiest things she ever did – a duet with a teenager named Jacob Whitesides who is exactly half Kelly’s age. The track proved to be a mistake that Kelly made and everyone wanted to forget about it. But Kelly has a better way to throw that unpleasant memory out of her system – by giving her fans a more memorable song.

Kelly Rowland has released new single titled “Dumb” on SoundCloud. Unlike it’s name, ‘Dumb’ isn’t dumb but it’s a smart move by Kelly to go back to being herself to shed off the dust from her previous effort to do a duet with a teenager. The track, produced by Point Guard, became available on SoundCloud for streaming on October 26.

“Dumb” is a modern bouncy anthem that is a lot of fun to listen and dance around. It might not help Kelly win any awards or new fans but still it’s a good track that reminds us of Kelly’s swagger and her ability to do better than “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. You can listen to “Dumb” below.

Listen “Dumb” by Kelly Rowland

Post Author: David Watt