Single Review: “Sugar” by Karmin

Karmin, the real life couple and a music duo, has left their previous label named Epic and started a new journey. They only did their debut album titled Pulses with the label before parting their ways.

To begin the new journey, the duo (Nick Noonan and Amy Heidemann) has come up with a new single titled “Sugar”. Ever since they left the record label, they are busy recording original and fresh music which is really a positive signal for their fans. “Sugar” is the first track to come out of their work as it was premiered on Twitter last night.

The new single by Karmin is filled with breezy synths and charming strings. The lyrics are intelligent and vocals justify the composition. Amy Heidemann raps over these synths…

“How can I love when the way I feel about you in intentional, dimensional, flirtation is inevitable, chemical, edible, side effects regrettable…”

This new track by Karmin sounds really good. You can listen to the track below but be sure to go till the very end since there is lib added at the end that gives the song a special ending as all the instruments drop out.

Watch “Sugar” by Karmin on YouTube

Post Author: David Watt