Single Review: “OOO AAA” by Cathedrals

“OOO AAA” is the new hit track by Cathedrals. The song is an absolute joy to listen, as implies its name. Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins are incredible together and they have proved it once again in this amazing new track. Listen to “OOO AAA” by Cathedrals to appreciate this gem of a talent.

Broie Jenkins is on the vocals while Johnny Hwin is taking care of beat-making. The track is powerful right from the beginning and wastes no time to build into a power ballad but then it swings to smooth swagger. The vibrant and intoxicating vocals coupled with existentially cool harmonies and catchy beat show the true colors of Cathedrals that every music fan is going to appreciate.

Although Cathedrals haven’t focused much on electronica before, they have done so in this track. It sounds just about perfect as the band merges two different elements that don’t feel like a great idea on the surface. But once you listen to “OOO AAA” by Cathedrals, you will know that the duo knows how to fuse two different elements together to create great music. Artistically, “OOO AAA” proves a lot of things.

“OOO AAA” will be part of debut EP by Cathedrals which is set to be released this September.

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Post Author: David Watt