Single Review: “Lover” by Kesha

Kesha’s new single has been leaked on the internet recently. This new track is definitely new material since no one has heard even a preview before. The track titled “Lover” is definitely music in the new direction from Kesha due to the way she sings it. This definitely means that Kesha is trying something new, at least with her pitch and vocals. The vocals also indicate that she recorded this track after the rehab, or at least that’s what the vocals tell us.

Although there is no confirmed news about this single but still the news is out that the track is produced by Spooky Ruben and Schpikas and Kesha hasco-written the track. But there is no other news except this. We don’t even know if this track will appear on her next album or not. But since the track has leaked now, fans will ask Kesha about details. She will definitely have some verified updates for us soon. We will share as soon as we hear something from her.

Kesha sings chorus for “Lover” with a broken heart, not literally though but her vocals are really amazing in that part. The experimental sound is somewhat electro but still provides a deep listening experience. We are sure fans will love listening to “Lover” from Kesha.

Listen “Lover” by Kesha on SoundCloud – Leaked

Post Author: David Watt