Single Review: “Budapest” by George Ezra

George Ezra had a wonderful year in 2013. The British singer-songwriter was playing at Glastonbury last year and scored fifth place in ‘Sound of 2014’ by BBC. His new single ‘Budapest’ is out now. The single has already made inroads with certified platinum in Italy and position among top 5 in U.K charts. If you listen to ‘Budapest’ by George Ezra, you will know why he is becoming so popular.

The track opens with similar-sounding guitar riffs that start gently and stay pretty much the same way throughout the remaining of the track. The guitar riff just a few seconds before Ezra’s voice makes it a powerful folk song with only a few variations in notes here and there. The drums are minimal leaving the song within the folk territory. The song settles into a nice rhythm as Ezra’s strong vocals precede the strings and drums that become rarely noticeable.

The lyrics are good as Ezra unfolds a story of a man who is willing to go after his love, ready for the sacrifice needed. Although this theme has already been used in a zillion songs, audience may never feel the freshness. Nevertheless, Ezra’s voice turns this age-old folk theme into something refreshing and sweet, something that makes it an even better folk song.

Watch “Budapest” by George Ezra on YouTube (Official Video)

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz