Single Review: “Blunted” by Kid Ink

Kid Ink has been working really hard on his new music ever since he completed his road tour. He was touring Europe and it was pretty much a success. His new sophomore album is titled “Full Speed”. The good news about Kid Ink’s fans is that he has leaked a new track from this upcoming album. The track is four minutes long and it is second track on the sophomore album.

“Blunted” is a track for weed smokers, if you haven’t guessed that already from its title. Kid Ink raps “I got 1.5 for the blunt, go ahead and pass me a swisher.” He goes on to talk about how much he has been consuming monthly and how he gives no attention to what happens with that much intake.

“Smoke about a pound a month, I don’t even pay no attention”

Kid Ink’s new album titled “Full Speed” will also include “Body Language” which has already gathered plenty of fans for its awesome beat and lyrics. The album will be out on February 3rd and it will hit stores on the same day. You will also be able to download the album online. The album is produced by RCA Records and Tha Alumni Music Group. You can actually pre-order the album on iTunes tonight. The music video for “Blunted” will be released shortly, according to our sources. Listen to the track below and let us know your opinion in comments.

Post Author: David Watt