Rita Ora Slays “Body On Me” on GMA

Last week Rita Ora delivered a mesmerizing TV performance for her new single “Body On Me” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This was her first TV performance for new single and it was loved by the fans and the critics alike. Just a week later, Rita Ora has appeared on TV again with her single “Body On Me”. This time she has performed it on Good Morning America. Following up on her stunning performance last week, Rita made everyone excited with her vocal quality. The only missing ingredient was Chris Brown who couldn’t make to GMA.

Some of you might not feel any kind of association with this song. After all, the single isn’t even closer to being perfect. But still, whenever Rita has performed live, she has impressed us with her stunning live singing ability. Every time she is out there, she delivers a marvelous live performance.

Despite her stunning live performances and nearly perfect vocals, Rita’s new single “Body On Me” is to be seen nowhere in Top 100 songs on iTunes. We still need to wait to see how the single performs on the radio as Roc Nation hasn’t released it on radio yet. Probably, the label is considering single’s performance on iTunes charts and waiting for Rita to create some buzz with incredible TV performances before the single hits the pop radio.

Watch Rita Ora Perform “Body On Me” on GMA


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz