Raye Zaragoza Shares a Song, “Warrior” Live at Rockwood Music Hall:

The folk music singer and songwriter, “Raye Zaragoza” has shared a new song titled, “Warrior” live at the Rockwood Music Hall and this is of no surprise as the New York based is about to share her new live EP called, “Raye Zaragoza Live at Rockwood Music Hall” which is expected to be released on 11th of January, 2019.

This new song, “Warrior” will appear on Raye’s upcoming EP which is a project of 4 tracks. All the songs are performed live at the Rockwood Music Hall. You can pre-order the EP here.

Guys, “warrior” is quite personal where Jenna sings about finding the warrior inside her and that she is not afraid anymore. It is just so motivating, I am feeling empowered. The vocals? One word, CRAZY!

Listen to the Raye Zaragoza , “Warrior” (live at the Rockwood Music Hall):

The New York based singer shared her views about performing at the Rockwood Music Hall. She said, “Going from playing to less than a hundred people to multiple thousands was frightening! I had nightmares of getting boo-d off the stage or missing my set or rotten fruit being thrown at me like in the cartoons.”

Post Author: David Watt