Queens Of The Stone Age ‘ready’ to start on new album in January

queens of the stone age new album Queens Of The Stone Age keyboardist Dean Fertita has told Billboard.com that the band are ready to start recording a new album in January.  Fertita said of the follow-up to the bands 2007 album Era Vulgaris:

“Everybody seems excited and ready to go… we’ve got so many ideas started already; I guess we’ll see what turns out to be everybody’s favorite. It’s very much still (Josh Homme’s) band, but I think all of us really feel like we’ve found our space in it and can contribute to it as well.”

Fertita also went on to say he expects his and Homme’s side-project, The Dead Weather, to produce new material in the near future:

“Everything seems to happen by accident with that band, so who knows – maybe we’ll have a record together in another two weeks.”

So there’s hopefully two new albums to be looking forward to in 2011.  Check out our top albums of 2011 for even more reasons to get excited for the New Year!

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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