Prince Song “Baltimore”

Prince has released a new track before his concert in Maryland city. This new track, titled “Baltimore”, is a kind of a re-write of his original Black Lives Matter. The song talks about justice and peace and connects both so that one isn’t possible without the other. The amazing guitar solo along with voices of Prince and Eryn Allen Kane make the track great.

The song was released in response to a police incident in Baltimore. This police brutality was witnessed by everyone and people have already responded to it but Prince has responded to it in a very painful way, representing the true loss that the families of Trayvon Martin, Gray and Eric Garner have suffered.

The protests have taken many turns. First there were local riots that led to violence but then the communities protesting arranged things and started offering free lunch and other things while making sure that peace is maintained. Even a Michael Jakson impersonator made it to the streets and started performing and dancing.

“Baltimore” by Prince is an uplifting track even though it is sad in a way. The track is a perfect representation of the people going out there and protesting against the police brutality. Prince has also announced that the first hour of the concert will stream free of cost on Today where everyone can see him perform live. The ticket proceeds will also go to local charities who will use the money to fight against injustice in the society. Listen to the “Baltimore” track below.

Listen to “Baltimore” by Prince

Post Author: David Watt