POLARTROPICA and Jett Kwong For a Music Video, “Wild Lyfe”. Watch Here:

The pop singer and songwriter, ” Ihui Cherise Wu” who is known professionally by her stage name, “POLARTROPICA” has joined forced with the Los Angeles based singer and songwriter, “Jett Knowg”.

The pair has unveiled a new music video for their collaboration song, “Wild Lyfe” which was released back in October. This song is a follow up to the POLARTROPICA’s previously released song, “Golden Soul”.

Coming to the visuals, well! Whether you liked the song or not, this new accompanying video is definitely worth your stream. It comes with a message of humanity that people from all races are equal and the world should get rid of racial discrimination.

In addition to this, the video tells us to be gentle to animals, and to treat them like we should.

Watch the music video to the POLARTOPICA and Jett Knowg’s collaboration, “Wild Lyfe”:

POLARTROPICA talked to the media about the song and said, “This song is about exploring what it means to be a wild animal in captivity, never having the chance to interact with other species in the wild or being able to use their natural-born instincts.”

Post Author: David Watt