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“Pick Me Up” by Kaylee Rutland – Watch Lyric Video

Kaylee Rutland is a rising country singer who was named “a country artist” to watch’ by Billboard this year. Now that’s some recognition. To honor this, Kaylee has released a new song for her fans and critics alike. This new song is titled “Pick Me Up”. She released the song on iTunes but she also released a lyric video for the song. You can watch this MV after the review.

This new song “Pick Me Up” is taken from Kaylee Rutland’s upcoming studio album. So far, there is no confirmed news about the future studio project but everyone is guessing that she is up to something big. Maybe, we will hear her album early next year, considering that she has now started releasing new material.

In case you haven’t still heard this new single, then start it with the lyric video. The song is about having a good time on the weekend. The song is for the people who can’t wait to get wild when the holiday comes. That’s what this country-pop track is all about. Kaylee delivered the song really well, making sure that she controls her vocals throughout the song, not letting it slip away from her even once.

Kaylee Rutland isn’t only about having a party on the weekend with herself but she prefers being with a partner. That’s how she ends the song. She expects everyone to find a partner so that the ‘real’ fun on the weekend would begin. It’s time to listen to the song and watch the lyric video below.

Watch “Pick Me Up” by Kaylee Rutland

Post Author: David Watt