One Direction Announces A New Single “Perfect”

One Direction has released its fifth LP “Made In The A.M.” back in November and now they are ready to follow it up with a lead single “Drag Me Down”. They will be following up this lead single with their next hit “Perfect” which will drop on October 16.
According to the news from press, this track is emotionally charged and features an immense chorus along with passionate drumming and rousing guitars. The track is going to be one of the best from the band this year if it turns out to be exactly how the press has been describing it so far.

The track is co-written by Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Everyone is expecting this track to make a mark on the charts as it has to follow up on the success of “Drag Me Down”, which was the first song that One Direction did without Zyan Malik. That first song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. One Direction only ranked higher with 2013 smash hit “Best Song Ever”. Maybe this is a chance for the band to score their ever best chart position.



Post Author: David Watt