Nasty Cherry

Official Music Video: Nasty Cherry goes all Witchy and Goth in “What Do You Like In Me”

Charlie XCX unveiled her new favorite Music group “Nasty Cherry” earlier this year and released a spunky opener “Win”. That was a good song for punk lovers.

The band is an English-American Hybrid and is on a good track to make it into the mainstream Music groups. The band consists of Deborah Knox-Hewson (Drummer), Georgia Somary (Bassist), Chloe Chaidez (Guitarist) and Gabriel Bechtel (lead vocalist).

On Tuesday (28th of May) they released their new single “What Do You Like in Me”. The song gives o reminder of our favorite 80’s pop Rock era. The Video has a raw late-night cable quality, as it were shot in someone’s house, and it was.

Gabriel Bechtel (the singer) explained “We used all of our clothes and props from our houses and friends to help out. There is a lot of Jull fog featured and a lot of love went into making this so I hope you like it”. The song itself has a deep reference to the 80’s pop music and they have given it their own Macabre vibe. Give it a look below.

Watch Official Music Video: “What Do You Like In My” By Nasty Cherry

Post Author: David Watt